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James Morrison
An MA fine art graduate from the University of Brighton, Guy is a 3D specialist who has exhibited numerous times in the city, often at the Phoenix Gallery, where he has retained a studio for more than eight years.

Much of Guy's work defies easy categorisation. Largely conceptual in his approach, he has over the years, employed a dizzying array of styles, materials and media, frequently mix-matching approaches in a single piece. His displays at the Phoenix have melded walk-though installations with more conventional sculpture, film, photography, and audio recordings incorporating everything from simple narration to poetry.

Guy's acclaimed MA show centred on a single ambitious work: a room-sized active installation composed of dozens of clay balloons suspended from the ceiling by strands of wire. The balloons were 'primed' to drop to the floor sporadically according to the differential of an electric current that was sent through the wires at regular timed intervals.

More recently, Guy's work has taken a utilitarian direction, fusing 3D experimentation with conventional crafts like furniture making